21 Lois Croft – Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association

Lois Croft is Southwest Regional Director, Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association (FRLA).

FRLA is a private, non-profit trade association whose purpose is to represent the interests of Florida’s $106.8 billion hospitality industry which supports 23% of Florida’s economy. FRLA is the VOICE of the hospitality industry.

FRLA represent over 10,000 members in the hospitality industry across the state of Florida. Members include corporate chain restaurants, independent restaurants, independent hotels, national hotel chains and resorts, independently owned bed and breakfast hotels, theme parts, country clubs, allied/business partners who provide a product or service to the industry, and education partners specializing in hospitality. More members mean greater representation, bargaining power, and more affordable benefits.

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Collier Chapter – Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

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