27 Alannah Sandehl – Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at IDM Brand

Alannah Sandehl is the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at IDM Brand, a marketing – driven partner dedicated to transformation and growth. Alannah collaborates with agency clients to innovate, efficiently leverage their budget and tell compelling stories that engage consumers, drive action, and deliver measurable results.

In her 20 years of industry experience, Alannah grew passionate about driving positive change through innovative and creative marketing, integrating artfulness and creativity with data-driven analytics. Under Alannah’s leadership, IDM Brand created impactful campaigns for clients like Amazon, Mayo Clinic, Caesarstone, Black and Decker, Britannica Digital Learning, Lifeway Foods and Rotary International, among many others. Since founding IDM Brand in 2001, Alannah strives to attract clients who are socially conscious and innovative in their product or service offerings.

Specialties: Innovation, Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Brand Strategy and Activation, Online Marketing, Business Development

IDM Brand’s unique combination of strategy, technology, and design will be valued by any leader who appreciates data-driven execution guided by a senior team. We think beyond assigned tasks and hold ourselves accountable to your business priorities.

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